Nike Renew Elevate Review: Detailed 4-Month Outdoor Analysis

After testing for four months, we found that Nike Renew Elevate Review lives up to its claims. It is designed for athletes who want comfort and support during intense workouts or extended periods on their feet. Our testing showed that it is lightweight, allowing for quick running, hiking, and basketball movements. The midsole provides cushioning for shock absorption, reducing fatigue and impact on joints. The rubber outsole has a good grip.

Comprehensive Guide: Nike Renew Elevate

1. Spec Sheet

ModelNike Renew Elevate
Color OptionsVarious colors available
Upper MaterialLightweight and breathable fabric
MidsoleNike Renew technology for responsive cushioning
OutsoleDurable rubber with traction pattern
FitTrue to size
WeightApprox. 300 grams (size may vary)
Recommended UseRunning, training, and everyday activities

2. 1-Min Review?

The Nike Renew Elevate is a comfortable and supportive shoe for extended wear. It has a lightweight, breathable mesh upper that allows good airflow, making it suitable for exercise and casual use. The durable rubber outsole ensures stability and traction on different surfaces, making it a versatile choice for athletic activities. The Nike Renew Elevate combines style and performance, making it a reliable athletic shoe without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics.

3. Fit & Comfort

When looking for the right sneakers, they must fit well and feel comfortable. The Nike Renew Elevate is excellent for this. Its unique design focuses on giving you good support and cushioning so you feel comfortable when you walk.

Sizing Guide

To find the best athletic shoe, getting the right size for comfort and performance is essential. With the Nike Renew Elevate, getting the right fit is crucial for maximum benefits. Use the following table as a guide to find the right size for men’s Nike Renew Elevate shoes:

US SizeEU SizeUK SizeFoot Length (cm)

Use the following table as a guide to find the right size for women’s Nike Renew Elevate shoes:

US SizeEU SizeUK SizeFoot Length (cm)


Comfort is essential in our daily lives, and the Nike Renew Elevate shoes have changed what comfort means. The cushioning technology gives excellent support, absorbs impact, and adjusts to each foot’s shape. Also, the Nike Renew Elevate design considers how the foot moves naturally, making walking more comfortable and efficient. This focus on detail makes these shoes different, giving unmatched comfort for those who want style and function.

Nike Renew Elevate Review

4. Traction

The Nike Renew Elevate has an excellent traction pattern that gives a good grip on different surfaces. This makes it stable and gives reasonable control during intense physical activities. It’s perfect for basketball players who need to make quick turns and cuts on the court. The tread pattern helps the shoe keep its grip even when the athlete flicks, so they can focus on their game without worrying about slipping.

Outdoor Performance:

Nike Renew Elevate is designed for outdoor performance, providing reliable traction for any terrain. These high-performance athletic shoes offer maximum grip and stability, empowering athletes to push their limits. The secret to their exceptional traction lies in a unique outsole technology, with durable rubber and strategic traction patterns for unrivaled grip on wet and dry surfaces. If you navigate rugged trails or slippery slopes, every step will feel secure and controlled, allowing you to focus on your performance without worrying about slipping.

Nike Renew Elevate 

Outdoor Durability:

The Nike Renew Elevate sneakers are tough and durable for outdoor use. They have excellent traction on any surface, whether you’re hiking or playing basketball. The rubber outsole provides excellent grip and resists wear and tear. The outsole’s multi-directional pattern maximizes grip in all directions, and deep grooves help prevent slipping in wet conditions. These shoes are built to withstand challenging terrain.

5. Cushion

Nike Renew Elevate Review

Nik always tries to improve the shoes; the Cushion Kd Trey 5 VIII and Nike Air Max Impact 1 & 2 are excellent. These shoes are made to be very comfortable, soft, and firm. The Cushion Kd Trey 5 VIII is perfect for basketball players. It has new technology, which gives a lot of energy and support. It’s comfortable and stable, and it works well for all athletes. The cushioning is soft and bouncy, so it feels good and helps you move well.

They have a cushioning system that absorbs impact and gives good support to keep your feet comfortable during exercise. The shoes also provide stability and keep your foot in place during side-to-side movements, which helps prevent injuries and improve performance, especially in sports like basketball and tennis.

6. Support

Nike’s new basketball shoe, the Renew Elevate, balances support and agility well. It’s designed to give athletes strong support while allowing quick movements. The shoe’s durable upper wraps snugly around your foot, keeping it in place during fast cuts and side-to-side movements. This makes you more stable and reduces the risk of ankle injuries. The shoe also has a responsive cushioning system and a unique outsole pattern for better traction on all court surfaces.

Nike Renew Elevate Review

7. The Build

Build Overview:

Their latest one, the Nike Renew Elevate, is for basketball players who want to play their best. This shoe is designed to make you play better with its extraordinary look and high-tech features. The Nike Renew Elevate aims to give you the best comfort, support, and quick response. The unique thing about this shoe is the Renew cushioning technology. The middle part of the shoe is made with a special foam that gives back a lot of energy and ensures your feet are well-supported and stable.

nike renew elevate


Nike has created the Nike Renew Elevate to help you perform better in sports, and this shoe uses new technology and robust construction to give you great comfort and support. It has special foam that cushions your feet and responds well when you move. The shoe is light but tough, so it’s comfortable and stable. It also has a unique design on the bottom to give you a good grip and flexibility on different surfaces.


Athletes and fitness enthusiasts require sturdy footwear, and Nike has recognized this need by introducing the Nike Renew Elevate. Its durability enables it to endure various types of training, with a breathable mesh and robust synthetic materials forming the upper part. Extra layers are incorporated to safeguard areas prone to rapid wear and tear. The midsole features Nike’s specialized Renew cushioning, ensuring comfort and longevity. By absorbing impact during intense movements, this cushioning not only prolongs the shoe’s lifespan but also reduces strain on your joints.

8. Overall

The Nike Renew Elevate changes how performance shoes are made using sustainable materials. It shows Nike’s commitment to reducing environmental impact. It has a good grip on different surfaces, making athletes feel confident during workouts or games. It’s also lightweight, allowing for better movement and performance. Overall, the Nike Renew Elevate sets a new standard for sustainable athletic shoes, offering great comfort and reliability for athletes of all levels.

9. Alternative Options

Nike Kd Trey 5 VIII, $90

If you love basketball and want a different option from the Nike Kd Trey 5 viii, consider the Nike Renew Elevate. These shoes cost $90 and provide excellent performance and value. They have the latest Nike technology for comfort, support, and traction on the court.

nike renew elevate

Nike Cosmic Unity, $150

Nike recently revealed the Cosmic Unity, their latest basketball shoe. It’s not like other shoes and costs $150. It has new features for athletes to improve their game. The shoe has advanced technology and a modern design, and it’s expected to change how we play basketball.

nike renew elevate 3 review

10. Nike Renew Elevate Review: The Verdict


The Nike Renew Elevate Review is comfortable, supportive, and sustainable. It uses new materials and designs to feel light and responsive to different activities. It includes recycled materials to show Nike’s environmental commitment without sacrificing performance. For running, training, or everyday wear, the Renew Elevate is a versatile and eco-friendly choice for athletes and casual consumers. Try Nike’s latest technology and support a greener future today.


Is Nike Renew waterproof?

No, Nike Renew shoes are not waterproof. They are made for sports and activities but don’t keep water out. If you need waterproof shoes for outdoor activities or bad weather, look for other options made for water resistance.

Which Nike shoes are best for rain?

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Shield is a popular choice with a water-repellent upper and a grippy outsole for stability on wet surfaces. Nike Free RN 5.0 Shield, Nike Air Max 270 React is a stylish choice with a water-resistant upper and cushioned sole for comfort in rainy conditions.

What are the key features of Nike Renew Elevate 1 & Nike Renew Elevate 3 review?

The Nike Renew Elevate 3 review has responsive cushioning and a durable outsole for traction. It provides support and stability, making it suitable for casual runners. The Nike Renew Elevate 1 offers slightly different designs, including responsive cushioning and a durable outsole, but may have some variations in material and construction.

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