Best KYRIE Shoes For Basketball: Guide & Shoe Picks (2023)

Few names are as well-known in the world of basketball footwear as Kyrie Irving.
Basketball players seeking to better their game frequently turn to Kyrie Irving’s unique line of sneakers because of his unrivaled agility and lightning-quick maneuvers on the floor. In this article, we will explore the best Kyrie shoes for basketball in 2023, providing you with detailed insights and expert recommendations to help you make an informed decision.

Kyrie shoes are renowned for their exceptional performance features that cater specifically to the demands of the game. From superior traction patterns that allow quick cuts and seamless transitions to responsive cushioning that offers optimal impact protection, each pair is designed with precision engineering and attention to detail. Whether you’re a point guard who relies on speed or a shooting guard who needs stability during jump shots, there is undoubtedly a Kyrie shoe tailored to your playing style.

Kyrie Irving is a fierce slasher to the rim who excels at rapid footwork, deceptive offensive movements, and an all-around skill set while occasionally achieving angles that are beyond of the ordinary for most people. The man is an expert in his field. I’ve made the decision to compile a guide on the top Kyrie basketball sneakers available right now.

Starting with his earliest releases and continuing to the present day’s upgraded styles and polished features, Kyrie’s collection of signature sneakers appears to unmistakably reflect his playing style. This indicates that not everyone will find a shoe like that to fit them.


I’ll go over everything you need to know before purchasing a pair of Kyrie shoes for basketball and provide you with a hand-picked shoe rotation that I believe speedy guards and, in some situations, even wings or bigger players might find appealing.

This is where it all begins, whether you believe you’d appreciate it or if you’ve never worn a pair of Kyrie sneakers before and want to give them a try.


Take a look at the summary of each top-performing Kyrie shoe I chose for the job if you’re short on time.

1Nike Kyrie 4$120Best OverallDecember 2017~8.5/10
2Nike Kyrie Low 2$110Best Overall Runner-UpNovember 2019~8.5/10
3Nike Kyrie Flytrap 5$90Best Overall on a BudgetDecember 20217.1/10
4Nike Kyrie 6$130Best for OutdoorsNovember 20198.3/10
5Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2$80Best Cheap for OutdoorsMarch 20197.4/10
6Nike Kyrie 5$130Most SupportiveNovember 20187.9/10
7Nike Kyrie Infinity$140Most ComfortableDecember 2021~8.5/10
8Nike Kyrie Flytrap 1$80Best for Wide FeetFebruary 2015~7.5/10

Note: The “~” symbol before some of the ratings indicates that they are approximate values.


Here are some common guidelines when buying Kyrie basketball shoes.
Hoop shoes come in a range of styles from several other iconic athlete shoe lines. This indicates that the athlete’s catalog would typically contain models for a wide variety of players/styles.

NOT the case with Kyrie’s musical catalog. He consistently develops guard shoes that are reasonably priced, well-made, and geared toward a low-profile style while also emphasizing speed and agility.

There’s no disputing that Kyrie sneakers are always designed with Irving’s on-court playing style in mind, yet that’s not to say that other types of hoopers couldn’t appreciate it. Accept it or reject it.

But let’s explore this a little more. I’ll go over the principal.


A compact fit is a crucial aspect that cannot be overlooked. Kyrie shoes have gained immense popularity in the basketball community due to their exceptional, compact fit. To ensure that players have the highest degree of comfort and support on the court, these shoes were carefully and precisely created.

One common quality found in Kyrie shoes is their ability to hug your foot snugly. The shoes are engineered using advanced materials and technologies that mold around your feet, giving you a customized fit. This not only enhances your overall performance but also reduces the risk of injuries by preventing any unnecessary movements or slippage inside the shoe during intense gameplay.

Additionally, Kyrie shoes offer excellent lockdown support.

KYRIE Shoes For Basketball


When it comes to choosing the right basketball shoe, two common qualities that players often look for are lightweight and agility. Kyrie shoes, designed specifically for basketball players, excel in both of these areas. These shoes are crafted with innovative materials that make them incredibly light on the feet, allowing players to move swiftly and effortlessly on the court. The lightweight design reduces fatigue and enables quick movements such as sharp cuts, crossovers, and explosive jumps.

In addition to being lightweight, Kyrie shoes also prioritize agility. They feature a low-profile construction that enhances a player’s ability to change directions rapidly without compromising stability or support. The outsole of these shoes is specially designed with multidirectional traction patterns that provide excellent grip on various surfaces. This ensures that basketball players can make quick stops and starts without slipping or losing stability during intense games or practice sessions.

Consider the most recent Kyrie models, such as the Kyrie 7 or the Kyrie Low 4: both are very light and nimble packages to play in, but essential support features, like torsional protection, are forgone in order to make things as light as possible.


When it comes to basketball, speed and agility are essential. That’s why Kyrie shoes have become increasingly popular among basketball players of all levels. One common quality that sets these shoes apart is their low-profile ride, designed specifically for the speedy player. The sleek design and lightweight materials allow for quick movements on the court, giving players an edge in their game.

Another key feature of Kyrie shoes is their exceptional traction. With a multidirectional outsole pattern, these shoes provide excellent grip on any surface, allowing players to make sharp cuts and sudden changes in direction without slipping. This traction technology ensures that players can confidently execute fast moves without sacrificing stability or control.

Furthermore, Kyrie shoes offer responsive cushioning that absorbs impact during intense games or workouts. This feature helps reduce fatigue and enhances comfort throughout long sessions on the court.


The appropriate footwear is essential when playing basketball.
The NBA’s most versatile point guard, Kyrie Irving, is the one who best knows this. That’s why his signature line of Kyrie shoes for basketball prioritizes aggressive grip for the shifty player. These shoes are designed to provide players with ultimate control and traction on the court, allowing them to make quick cuts, change direction effortlessly, and leave defenders in their dust.

One common quality found in Kyrie shoes is their unique traction patterns. The outsoles of these shoes feature multidirectional herringbone patterns that offer exceptional grip on any surface. This design helps players maintain a strong foothold even during rapid movements and sudden stops. The aggressive tread pattern digs into the floor, providing stability and preventing slippage when making sharp cuts or pivots.


Stability is a critical element that cannot be ignored while picking the ideal basketball shoe. One of the NBA’s most gifted and dynamic players, Kyrie Irving, is aware of the need for steadiness on the field. That is why his signature line of Kyrie shoes for basketball puts a strong emphasis on stability-focused features.

One common quality found in Kyrie shoes is their low-top design. This design allows for enhanced ankle mobility while still providing adequate support and stability. The low-cut silhouette ensures that players can make quick cuts and explosive moves without feeling restricted or weighed down by bulky shoes. Additionally, the shoes often feature an internal heel counter or TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) shank underfoot to provide extra support and prevent unwanted movement during lateral movements.

Another key feature found in Kyrie shoes is their excellent traction capabilities.


A basketball player’s perspective on a practical look back at each pair of Kyrie’s signature shoes The selection of sneakers by Kyrie Irving can be perplexing. His shoe designs don’t appear to adhere to a systematic plan. Only one shoe brand is obviously designed with affordability in mind, but the rest all seem to have a price that is somewhat similar, which is a little strange.

There are four main Kyrie shoe lines: Kyrie (the main flagship line), Kyrie Low (a low-top version of the flagship shoe with a few changes), Kyrie Hybrid (a hybrid of the three models of the flagship shoe that were released before it), and Kyrie Flytrap (the more affordable line with few features & tech).

What you need to know about each of the four lines is provided below.


The Kyrie line has emerged as a game-changer. These shoes have quickly become a popular among basketball players of all levels because they were created especially for the dynamic playing style of NBA great Kyrie Irving. Offering superior performance and unmatched style, the Kyrie shoes are revolutionizing the world of basketball footwear.

One of the standout features of the Kyrie collection is its exceptional traction. With intricate patterns on the outsole inspired by Irving’s precise footwork, these shoes provide unrivaled grip on any court surface. Whether you’re making quick cuts or executing lightning-fast crossovers, you can trust in the stability and control offered by this extraordinary shoe line.

Apart from their exceptional functionality, the aesthetics of Kyrie shoes are equally impressive.

  • Price range: $110-$130. The top-tier line, although pricing doesn’t really reflect it as the rest of the lineup is priced similarly
  • Pros: ✔ one of the most competitively priced flagship signature lines ✔ you’ll usually get solid all-around performance
  • ✔ the Kyrie line is known for putting out a TON of colorways for each release ✔ always widely available to get
  • Cons: ✖ newer models stripped off support features & thick outsole rubber in exchange for a lighter frame ✖ usually not the best choice for bigger, heavier guys
  • Best for: Kyrie style of players. Would best suit fast, agile, footwork-heavy, and lighter hoopers. Also, those who like a low-profile ride
  • Shoes available: 8 shoes and counting (yearly release): Nike Kyrie 1 – Nike Kyrie Infinity. Some shoes have a low-top version (NOT to be confused with the separate Kyrie Low line)
  • My favorite shoe in the line: Nike Kyrie 4


When it comes to basketball, having the right shoes can make all the difference in enhancing your performance on the court. That’s where the Kyrie Low comes in, a game-changing footwear designed by Nike for those who are serious about their game. With its sleek design and cutting-edge technology, these shoes not only provide style but also deliver outstanding functionality.

One of the key features of the Kyrie Low is its exceptional traction. The shoe is equipped with a multidirectional outsole pattern that ensures maximum grip on any surface, allowing you to make quick cuts and changes in direction effortlessly. This feature is especially crucial in basketball, where agility and quick movements play a pivotal role in outmaneuvering opponents.

Comfort is another aspect that sets the Kyrie Low apart from other basketball shoes.

With the release of the Kyrie Low 1 in 2018, the series officially began. Since then, it has been positioned as a low-top alternative to the main Kyrie sneaker for that year.

That hasn’t always been the case, though. The Kyrie Low 3 and 4 were subsequent models that, in terms of functionality, appearance, and feel, more closely resembled the Kyrie 6 and 7.

  • Price: $110. Could be considered the mid-tier line based on the pricing
  • Pros: ✔ tech specs & build quality often close or identical to the flagship shoe for less $$$ ✔ usually offers balanced all-around performance in a compact form factor
  • ✔ you’ll also find a whole bunch of stellar colorways here
  • Cons: ✖ no distinguishable features for consumers to be attracted to when they already have the main Kyrie shoe
  • ✖ newer models stripped off support features & thick outsole rubber in exchange for a lighter frame
  • Best for: Kyrie style of players and those who like the flagship Kyrie shoe, just in a low-top design
  • Shoes available: 4 shoes and counting (yearly release): Nike Kyrie Low 1 – Nike Kyrie Low 5
  • My favorite shoe in the line: Nike Kyrie Low 2


Nike has revolutionized the industry once again with their latest release – the Kyrie Hybrid. These shoes, which were created especially for basketball fans, are revolutionary in both performance and aesthetics.

The Kyrie Hybrid combines cutting-edge technology and innovative design to deliver unmatched comfort and support on the court. Featuring a responsive cushioning system, these shoes provide superior shock absorption while maintaining maximum energy return with every stride.

The lightweight construction allows for quick movements and explosive speed, giving players an edge over their opponents. Plus, with its durable rubber outsole and multidirectional traction pattern, you can confidently pivot, cut, and accelerate without worrying about slipping or losing control.

  • Price range: $130-$140. Technically the priciest line, but it’s not the flagship shoe
  • Pros: ✔tech specs, features and build quality aligns with the flagship shoes ✔ a practical choice for someone who needs different components from different Kyrie shoes
  • ✔ the coolest colorways are also often here
  • Cons: ✖ these are tougher to get due to limited quantity of releases ✖ nothing new or different about these since they’re just a hybrid of the models already released
  • Best for: Kyrie style of players. Also those who like different features from different Kyrie shoes and would like a combination out of those
  • Shoes available: 2 shoes available and counting (releases once per 3 Kyrie flagship shoe launches): Nike Kyrie Hybrid S1 – Nike Kyrie Hybrid S2
  • My favorite shoe in the line: Nike Kyrie Hybrid S2


The Kyrie Flytrap is one of the most affordable basketball shoes in Kyrie Irving’s line. Despite its low price, these sneakers do not compromise on performance or durability. With a focus on traction, the outsoles used in the Kyrie Flytrap are made with thicker rubber, ensuring excellent grip on the court. Whether you’re making quick cuts or driving to the basket, these shoes will keep you stable and confident.

In terms of comfort, the Phylon midsole offers lightweight cushioning that absorbs impact during high-intensity movements. Paired with a single Zoom unit in the heel, this setup provides responsive cushioning and enhanced energy return. This means you can play longer without feeling fatigued or experiencing discomfort.

Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable option from Kyrie Irving’s line of basketball shoes, the Kyrie Flytrap is worth considering.

  • Price range: $80-$90. The cheapest line in the repertuire
  • Pros: ✔ no-nonsense type of offer: get only what you absolutely need for a low price ✔ usually the go-to shoe for long-term outdoor play
  • ✔ you can often track these down in sports outlets or on sale for dirt cheap
  • Cons: ✖ bare minimum tech & features, cheap materials ✖ a no-go for anyone who doesn’t enjoy & embrace the ultra-minimal experience
  • ✖ sits in a weird place on the market: you could get a better overall shoe for $20 more
  • Best for: people with a low budget for shoes; hoopers preferring an ultra-minimal shoe; outdoor hoopers
  • Shoes available: 5 shoes and counting (yearly release): Nike Kyrie Flytrap 1 – Nike Kyrie Flytrap 5
  • My favorite shoe in the line: Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2


Shoes last updated: July 17, 2023

I selected a lot of models and organized them into several groups. I have some general selections for just about everyone as well as additional choices in case you have more specialized requirements.

I’ve included links to places where I think you can still get any of these for a reasonable price in 2023 and beyond, just in case.


Best Overall


When it comes to basketball shoes, the Nike Kyrie 4 is an absolute game-changer. Designed specifically for on-court performance, this shoe combines style and functionality flawlessly. With its sleek design and unrivaled support, the Kyrie 4 is a must-have for any serious basketball player.

Firstly, the Kyrie 4 boasts exceptional traction that allows players to make quick cuts and explosive movements with ease. The unique outsole pattern provides maximum grip on both indoor and outdoor courts, ensuring that you stay in control of your every move. Additionally, the shoe features a cushioning system that offers optimal responsiveness while still providing enough impact protection to prevent injuries.

Furthermore, the Kyrie 4’s upper construction is both lightweight and durable.


Firstly, some users have reported issues with durability. While the shoe is designed to withstand intense gameplay and provide support for quick cuts and pivots, there have been instances where the outsole has worn out sooner than expected. This could be a concern for athletes who engage in rigorous training sessions or play on outdoor courts.

Another potential downside is the fit of the Kyrie 4. While many users praise its snug and comfortable feel, some find that it runs slightly smaller than other Nike models. This can be frustrating for those with wider feet or those who prefer more room in their shoes during gameplay.

  • Retail price: $120
  • Build: engineered mesh front + suede back
  • Cushion: heel Zoom Air unit + Cushlon midsole
  • Sizing: TTS. Wide footers – half a size up


Best Overall Runner-Up


The Nike Kyrie Low 2 has made quite the impression in the basketball community, thanks to its exceptional design and performance. One of the standout features of this shoe is the inclusion of Zoom units in both the front and back.

While these units provide responsive cushioning and excellent court feel, some players have noted that they aren’t as comfortable as the previously used Cushion material on the Kyrie 4. Despite this drawback, many athletes still find the overall comfort level of the Kyrie Low 2 to be more than satisfactory.

Another reason why this shoe stands out is its lightweight construction. Designed with speed and agility in mind, it offers a featherlight feel that allows players to move swiftly on the court without feeling weighed down. This lightweight feature not only enhances maneuverability but also helps reduce fatigue during intense games or practices.


One potential downside of these Kyrie shoes for basketball is their limited ankle support. Unlike high-top basketball shoes that provide maximum stability and protection for your ankles, the low-cut design of the Kyrie Low 2 leaves your ankles more vulnerable to injury. This can be a significant concern for players who frequently engage in fast-paced movements such as quick cuts or crossovers.

Another potential downside of the Nike Kyrie Low 2 is its durability. While they may perform exceptionally well initially, some users have reported that these shoes tend to wear out quicker than expected.

  • Retail price: $110
  • Build: textile w. TPU reinforcements
  • Cushion: forefoot & heel Zoom Air units
  • Sizing: TTS. Wide footers – half a size up


Best Overall on a Budget


Nike Flytrap 5 is a standout option that offers both quality and affordability. Designed specifically for Kyrie Irving fans, this shoe is equipped with features that make it a great choice for players on a budget. With its sleek design and durable construction, the Flytrap 5 provides excellent support and stability on the court.

One of the key reasons why the Nike Flytrap 5 is a good overall shoe for cheap is its performance-enhancing technology. The shoe incorporates Zoom Air cushioning in the forefoot, which offers responsive and bouncy cushioning during explosive movements. This feature not only provides comfort but also helps in maximizing energy return during quick cuts and jumps.

Additionally, the shoe’s multidirectional traction pattern ensures optimal grip on various court surfaces, allowing players to make swift movements without worrying about slipping.


Firstly, one downside of the Nike Flytrap 5 is its limited availability in terms of sizing. While Nike offers a wide range of sizes across its product line, the Flytrap 5 may not be available in all sizes or may have limited stock. This can be frustrating for individuals with larger or smaller feet who struggle to find their perfect fit.

Another potential downside lies in the shoe’s durability. Although Nike is known for producing high-quality products, some users have reported that the Flytrap 5 does not hold up well under intense playing conditions.

Retail price: $90

Cushion: forefoot Zoom Ait unit + Phylon midsole

Build: mesh front & back + ripstop midfoot + micrp-molded mesh back

Sizing: TTS for everyone, 1/2 size up for very wide footers


Best for Outdoors


When it comes to finding the perfect basketball shoes for outdoor play, look no further than the Nike Kyrie 6. Designed specifically with outdoor courts in mind, these shoes are built to provide exceptional traction, durability, and support for all your moves on the court.

The Kyrie 6 is a fantastic option that will improve your game and keep you comfortable throughout those strenuous bouts, regardless of whether you are an experienced athlete or just getting started.

One of the key features that make the Nike Kyrie 6 stand out as an excellent choice for outdoor play is its exceptional traction. The shoe’s outsole is equipped with a multi-directional herringbone pattern that grips the surface firmly, allowing you to make quick cuts and changes in direction without slipping. This ensures maximum stability and prevents unwanted injuries during those intense games on rough terrains.

With its durable rubber from heel to toe, these shoes are built to withstand the toughest of outdoor courts. No more worrying about wearing out your sneakers after a few intense games. The Kyrie 6 will keep you going strong all season long.

But durability isn’t the only thing that sets this shoe apart. The Zoom Air Turbo unit in the forefoot provides incredible responsiveness and energy return with every step. This means explosive take-offs and lightning-fast cuts on the court, giving you the edge over your opponents.

The combination of leather and lighter textile materials used in the construction of this shoe ensures both comfort and support, allowing you to focus solely on your game.


The Nike Kyrie 6 has been making waves in the basketball shoe industry with its innovative design and performance-enhancing features. But there are some drawbacks too.

Firstly, some users have reported issues with the shoe’s traction on certain court surfaces. While the Kyrie 6 is designed for quick cuts and explosive movements, it may not provide the same level of grip on dusty or slippery courts, which can result in an increased risk of injury.

Secondly, some players have found the fit of the Kyrie 6 to be slightly narrow compared to other basketball shoes. This can be problematic for those with wider feet or individuals who prefer a roomier fit. It is advisable to try on a pair before buying to ensure the right size and fit for optimal comfort and performance.

  • Retail price: $130
  • Build: textile front & genuine leather back
  • Cushion: forefoot Zoom Air Turbo unit + Phylon midsole
  • Sizing: TTS. Wide footers – half a size up


Best Cheap for Outdoors


The Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2 is the ultimate budget-friendly basketball shoe for outdoor play. With its two elite traction patterns, herringbone and radial, these shoes provide exceptional grip on any court surface. Whether you’re playing on a dusty asphalt court or a slick indoor floor, the Kyrie Flytrap 2 delivers maximum traction to keep you in control of your game.

One of the standout features of these shoes is their aggressive tread pattern. The herringbone and radial patterns work together to create an unbeatable grip that allows you to make quick cuts and explosive movements with confidence. No matter how intense the game gets, you can trust that these shoes will keep you stable and secure on your feet.

Not only do the Kyrie Flytrap 2 provide top-notch performance outdoors, but they also offer incredible value for money.


The Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2 has quickly become a popular choice amongst basketball players looking for reliable and stylish footwear. However, like any product, there are potential downsides to consider before making a purchase. One of the main concerns with the Kyrie Flytrap 2 is its durability.

Some users have reported that the outsole tends to wear down quite quickly, especially when used on outdoor courts or rough surfaces. This can be problematic for those who regularly play on outdoor courts or participate in intense games that require aggressive movements.

Another potential downside of the Kyrie Flytrap 2 is its fit. While many users find them comfortable right out of the box, some have complained about the shoe feeling too narrow or tight around the toe area. This can lead to discomfort during long hours of play and even cause blisters or foot pain over time.

  • Retail price: $80
  • Build: textile w. Fuse reinforcements
  • Cushion: forefoot Zoom Air Turbo unit + Phylon midsole
  • Sizing: true to size OR half a size down. Wide footers – skip these


Most Supportive


The Nike Kyrie 5 is making waves in the basketball world, and for good reason. This shoe stands out from its predecessors as the most supportive Kyrie shoe to date. Designed with precision, it offers unparalleled stability that keeps players grounded on the court. Whether you’re driving to the hoop or making quick cuts, this shoe has got your back.

One of the standout features of the Nike Kyrie 5 is its classic herringbone traction pattern. Known for its exceptional grip on various surfaces, this traction pattern allows players to make explosive moves without worrying about slipping or sliding. It provides maximum control and enables quick changes in direction, giving athletes a competitive edge.

Another key feature of the Kyrie 5 is its innovative forefoot Zoom Air turbo unit. This marks the first time this technology has been integrated into a Kyrie shoe, and it does not disappoint.


One common complaint is that the fit can feel suffocating at first. The shoes may initially feel tight and restrictive, causing discomfort and limiting movement on the court. However, many users have reported that after breaking them in and giving them some time, the fit becomes more comfortable and less noticeable during gameplay.

Despite the initial suffocating fit, once I got used to wearing the Kyrie 5s for basketball, I found myself completely immersed in my game without thinking about it at all. The shoes provided excellent support and stability during quick cuts and turns on the court. They also offered a responsive cushioning system that allowed for explosive jumps while still providing enough impact protection upon landing.

Retail price: $130

Build: mesh infused with Nylon

Cushion: forefoot Zoom Air Turbo unit + Phylon midsole

Sizing: TTS. Wide footers – half a size down OR true to size for a very snug fit


Most Comfortable


Due to its cutting-edge design and cutting-edge cushioning technology, the Nike Kyrie Infinity is acclaimed as one of the most comfortable basketball sneakers available.

With a large Zoom Air Strobel in the forefoot and a smaller Zoom unit in the heel, these shoes provide unparalleled responsiveness and impact protection. The midsole compresses just enough to offer a plush feel without sacrificing stability or support.

Additionally, the padding around the collar ensures a snug fit while preventing any discomfort during quick movements or lateral cuts on the court.

When it comes to finding the perfect basketball shoe for optimal performance and comfort, look no further than the Nike Kyrie Infinity. Designed with professional athlete Kyrie Irving’s needs in mind, these shoes prioritize both style and function. The inclusion of a large Zoom Air Strobel in the forefoot not only enhances cushioning but also provides an explosive response during takeoff.


Nike’s Kyrie line has established itself as a force to be reckoned with. The Kyrie Infinity takes the game to new heights, offering players unmatched performance and style. Nonetheless, despite its many benefits, customers should think about a few potential drawbacks before making a purchase.

Firstly, one downside of the Nike Kyrie Infinity is its high price point. While the shoe offers top-notch technology and innovation, it may not fit within everyone’s budget. Many basketball enthusiasts might find themselves hesitating before investing in a pair of these kicks.

Secondly, some users have reported issues with durability. Although Nike is known for producing high-quality products, there have been instances where customers have experienced premature wear and tear on their Kyrie Infinities. This can be particularly disheartening for those who play basketball regularly or engage in intense training sessions.

  • Retail price: $140
  • Build: textile w. Fuse coating front + suede w. leather lining back
  • Cushion: forefoot Zoom Air strobel + heel Zoom Air unit + foam midsole
  • Sizing: half a size up for most


Best for Wide Feet


When it comes to basketball shoes, finding the perfect fit for wide feet can be a challenge. However, the Nike Kyrie Flytrap 1 is here to put an end to your search. Designed specifically with wide-footed players in mind, this shoe offers a roomier toe box and midfoot area that accommodates wider feet comfortably. Say goodbye to painful blisters and cramped toes during intense games!

Not only does the Nike Kyrie Flytrap 1 excel in providing a comfortable fit for wide feet, but it also delivers exceptional performance on the court. The midfoot and heel portions of the shoe snugly hug your foot, offering excellent stability and support during quick cuts and changes of direction. This ensures that you can move confidently without worrying about any slippage or instability.

Another standout feature of the Nike Kyrie Flytrap 1 is its traction capability.


The Nike Kyrie Flytrap 1 has certainly gained attention as one of the most popular choices for basketball enthusiasts. however, there are some downsides too.

Firstly, some users have reported that the Kyrie Flytrap 1 may not be suitable for all playing styles. While it excels in agility and quick movements, it may lack the necessary support for players who require more stability during gameplay. This could be a concern for players with ankle or foot issues, as they may need additional reinforcement to prevent injuries.

Another possible downside is the price point of these sneakers. As one of Nike’s signature basketball shoes, the Kyrie Flytrap 1 carries a premium price tag.

  • Retail price: $80
  • Build: woven
  • Cushion: forefoot Zoom Air unit + Phylon midsole
  • Sizing: TTS or half a size down. Wide footers – stick to your usual size


You must understand the context and guiding principles of each pair of shoes I selected.

Just as important as knowing the shoes themselves is understanding how I selected them. Every time I create a shoe list like this one, I follow a similar set of guidelines.
In my opinion, they are helpful to be aware of if you’re unaware of the specifics and reasons behind any action.


In choosing the right basketball shoes, it is crucial to consider both the player and the setting. For players who prefer agility and quickness on the court, Kyrie shoes are an excellent choice. Known for their sleek design and exceptional traction, these shoes provide players with the necessary support to make sharp cuts and fast movements.

The lightweight construction of Kyrie shoes allows players to stay light on their feet while maintaining stability during high-intensity plays.
It is equally crucial to take into account the playing surface in addition to the player’s style of play.

Whether you’re playing on an indoor court or an outdoor blacktop, different settings require different shoe features. For indoor courts, grip is paramount, as they tend to be more slippery than outdoor surfaces. Kyrie shoes excel in providing excellent traction on hardwood floors due to their innovative sole patterns that enhance grip during lateral movements.


When it comes to selecting the perfect pair of basketball shoes, I don’t take any shortcuts. As someone who values quality and performance, I make sure to thoroughly test each shoe before providing a comprehensive review. From the popular Kyrie line to other renowned brands, no shoe is exempt from my rigorous testing process.

Unlike some reviewers who give their opinions after just a few games, I believe in giving each shoe ample time on the court – around two months – before forming an honest and well-informed judgment.

During these two months of testing, I put every aspect of the shoe to the test. From its traction on different surfaces to its stability during quick cuts and jumps, I leave no stone unturned. Playing multiple games per week allows me to gauge how well each shoe performs under various conditions and intensities.


Performance is important while selecting the ideal basketball shoe.
I was aware that I needed a shoe that would support my explosive movements on the court because I am a player who feeds on quickness and agility. That’s why I turned to Kyrie Irving’s sneaker repertoire. Known for his lightning-fast crossovers and incredible footwork, Kyrie’s shoes are specifically designed to enhance these aspects of the game.

Although Kyrie’s sneakers are focused on the same style of play, I still made sure to compile a diverse range of options in my collection. Each shoe offers its own unique features and benefits, catering to different playing conditions and personal preferences.

Whether it was the Kyrie 6 with its amazing traction for those sharp cuts or the Kyrie Low 2 for its lightweight construction perfect for up-tempo games, I made sure each pair had something valuable to offer.


Looking for a pair of Kyrie shoes for basketball but don’t want to break the bank? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best Kyrie shoes that are still available at reasonable prices. Fans may find it difficult to obtain a pair without shelling out a hefty sum because to the abundance of limited-edition releases and the sharp increase in resale pricing.
But we’ve done the homework for you and identified alternatives that won’t break the bank.

One popular option is the Kyrie 6. Known for its excellent traction and support, this shoe offers great value for its price. Whether you’re playing on indoor or outdoor courts, the Kyrie 6’s multi-directional grip will keep you steady during quick cuts and sprints. Another affordable choice is the Kyrie Flytrap 3. Designed with budget-conscious players in mind, it doesn’t compromise on performance.


The guide to today’s top Kyrie basketball sneakers is now complete! I really hope you found it helpful because I put a lot of effort into it.
If you have any additional information or believe I could have improved any specifics, kindly let me know.

But which Kyrie shoe is your preferred one? Even so, do you have a favorite?

We always respect your comments, questions, and hot takes because they can lead to amusing discussions among us sneakerheads AND provide useful information for potential readers.

I’ll leave you with a few resources related to this subject that you may find helpful.
Hooping fun!

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